[WriteLog] removing "Recently Used" contests and other questions

Norman Wald normanwald at sbcglobal.net
Fri Oct 7 20:04:58 EDT 2005

How do I go about removing the list of "Recently Used" contests that 
I see when first launching Writelog? I even went so far as to remove 
the program and reinstalled it. Still there!

Related to this... is there a simple process to remove Writelog and 
all of it's preferences from the computer?

Finally, any other Writelog users out there using the microHam 
microKeyer and the MMTTY plug-in? I have a few questions if you're 
experienced with this combination.

Thanks and 73!

Norman W9VQ


Norman Wald
Macintosh Consulting for the Graphic Arts
norman at normanwald.com
(312) 282-0888

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