[WriteLog] Best RTTY demodulator?

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Wed Oct 19 02:02:33 EDT 2005

RITTY (K6STI) will also interface with WL and I use them together all 
the time.  Haven't tried MMTTY for several years.

73, Jim   VE7FO

K4SB wrote:

>w3pt at comcast.net wrote:
>>Has there been a study as to which method/device/software best decodes RTTY?
>Don't know if you could call it a "study" but the general attitude on
>the RTTY reflector is that RITTY by that W6 is probably the best by 
>"gnats hair". However, MITTY 165D is a lot less trouble and is
>probably used by over 95%. Free, works like a charm, and interfaces
>with WL.
>Check the RTTY archives and you should see plenty of comments.
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