[WriteLog] F function keys?

Les Bannon wf5e at cox.net
Wed Sep 21 17:34:50 EDT 2005

I have the latest version of writelog and I am setting up to do the CQWW 
RTTY contest.
I set up a new log and programmed what I wanted to send with the F keys. 
This worked great
with no problems. When I exited the log and went to the log again, the 
settings on the F keys
are still programmed ok ;when I click on one F key it will go to xmit and 
send the message ok
  then go to receive like it should but from then on the F keys will not 
key the xmitter.
If I go to the saved messages and click on ok. Then I can only send once, 
then all the other F keys are not working.
Any ideas?   I am using a Hal DXP38  FT 1000 MP and windows 2000 pro. It 
receives RTTY all

   Les WF5E


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