[WriteLog] Here we go again

Charles Morrison cfmorris at bellsouth.net
Thu Sep 22 17:20:08 EDT 2005

This time its OUR turn to evacuate.  

Sorry guys, probably wont be handing out Louisiana this weekend for CQWW.
Starting to board up, stock up, and decide whether to leave or not.
Watching the news in the past hour, the track has now shifted 20 miles east,
with no letup in site.  Predictions are of sustained hurricane force winds,
with the potential of a stall over the entire Acadiana area.  This means
that it will be worse to us then was Lilly, which destoryed W5WMU's station
and N5AN's station as well as my own and several houses up and down our
street.  Last time was 3 days without power, luckily im a bachelor, so I
have no food in my fridge to rot!  :)

Hope to hear you guys on after the event.


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