[WriteLog] WL directories path

. ve2lx at sympatico.ca
Fri Dec 1 20:12:42 EST 2006

After reinstalling totally WL software recently 
I remarked that like in the pass the path for WL different directories in WL ini file is written to place those directories in my documents via ((( RecordingLocation=C:\Documents and Settings\gilles\Mes documents\WriteLog\AudioRecording\ )))
I tried to change that in writelog.ini ( re-wrote the path script ) but WL became partialy defective.

I re-installed the original WL.ini file and it seems to be correct.

But I would like to change the path to place those directories in WL directory eg: (contest, audio recording, wave files)
The path in this case would be like ((( c:\writelog or programfiles\writelog\contest\ ----------------------------
Is that feasable...without unstabilising the software?
Gilles  ve2lx 

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