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Scot, K9JY scot at k9jy.com
Wed Dec 6 17:41:18 EST 2006


After searching the archives for "USB Sound Cards" and just "USB", I've failed to find any external USB sound cards that could be used with my new laptop that has a sound card rating of 6b. I would like 7f!

The one USB external sound card rated 7f I know about is from USB Gear manufactured by Cool Gear...I ordered it when it showed in stock, never heard from them for 2 weeks, queried them and heard nothing for 3-4 days, e-mailed their tech support which responded "out of stock" and when asked when it would be shipping I got another response that said "part discontinued." Of course, the web site still shows it IN STOCK, but I'm not going to go that route.

Any help -- including a source for the external sound card -- would be appreciated. If I get a good list, I'll post back here on the reflector so we have a marker for late 2006 external USB Sound cards...


Scot, K9JY

Scot, K9JY
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