[WriteLog] Yaesu FT-2000 Interfacing: Do A True "Full Reset"

Dan Ransom ransomk7mm at verizon.net
Fri Dec 8 23:55:52 EST 2006

I spent about an hour tonight interfacing the FT-2000 to Writelog.  Yes, I
used the FTdx-9000 setting, deleted the .INI file entry, and reset all
parameters.  Nothing, nada, the dreaded "No Rig."

I finally brought up HyperTerminal, read the CAT manual, and started
querying the rig with the terminal program.  Nothing, nada.  I reset the rig
microprocessor; still no communication.

I finally got it working; here's the magic:  you must turn off the power
switch on the back, then go through the CPU reset ("Full Reset") routine
(front-panel ON/OFF switch while holding FAST and LOCK).  I started getting
a bunch of ? for every FA; entry.  Next I changed the menu item 028 GEnE CAT
TOT to the maximum 3000 ms.  I started getting the correct VFO A frequency
response in HyperTerminal to my FA (Frequency A) read commands.

Great!  I set 028 GEnE CAT TOT back to 10 ms (default) and started Writelog
(10.61E).  All is well, now!

Synopsis:  A true Full Reset involves cycling the rear panel power first!

Dan at K7MM

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