[WriteLog] CW Keying Hanging

Bob LaFont bob.lafont at gmail.com
Sun Dec 10 00:35:02 EST 2006

Thanks Roger for the feedback.

I have tried two different LPT interfaces and both do the same thing.


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> Bob,
> I had a similar problem a few years ago. I found a broken 
> wire (the ground wire I think) in the cable connector.  I had 
> the interface circuit built into the connector. It worked 
> sometimes and sometimes it wouldn't.  I soldered the wire 
> back on and it was rock solid after that.
> Roger, W1EM 
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> I am using WL 10.61e. CW keying is setup using LPT1. 
> Periodically, CW keying hangs either during transmission or 
> at the beginning of a transmission. It is not caused by RF in 
> the shack as I have had the radio on a dummy load with 
> minimal power out (less than 5 watts). I use Direct I/O for 
> LPT keying as my system is XP.
> I have tried to find an answer in the archives and looked at 
> the help files to find the answer but I could not find a 
> solution there.
> Is this problem a possible corrupt file and if so are there 
> any ideas on what this file would be and how to replace it 
> that is the problem (complete
> uninstall/re-install) ?
> 73-Bob
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