[WriteLog] CW Keying Hanging

Brian Miller brianmiller at paradise.net.nz
Wed Dec 13 06:17:05 EST 2006

Hi Bob

We experienced a similar problem at ZL6QH in the CQWW DX CW contest. The CW
sending would stutter at times. We can't be sure but it appeared to be related
to network traffic, and in particular when another station was logging a QSO.

We were using 3 stations, each running Writelog 10.60G on Windows 98 PCs.

This problem was not noticed when using earlier versions of Writelog.


Brian Miller
for ZL6QH team

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Subject: [WriteLog] CW Keying Hanging

I am using WL 10.61e. CW keying is setup using LPT1.

Periodically, CW keying hangs either during transmission or at the beginning
of a transmission. It is not caused by RF in the shack as I have had the
radio on a dummy load with minimal power out (less than 5 watts). I use
Direct I/O for LPT keying as my system is XP.

I have tried to find an answer in the archives and looked at the help files
to find the answer but I could not find a solution there.

Is this problem a possible corrupt file and if so are there any ideas on
what this file would be and how to replace it that is the problem (complete
uninstall/re-install) ?


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