[WriteLog] BUG in WL Stew Perry Module

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Fri Dec 29 23:09:48 EST 2006

I believe a BUG exists in the WL Stew Perry Module. 

During our NCCC NS/Stew Perry practice tonight, if a station called me, I entered the call and pressed the ENTER key.  No problem ... it sent the other station's call and my Grid #.

HOWEVER, when I entered the other station's Grid # and then pressed the ENTER key (expecting to see the QSO logged, and hear "TU" plus my call sent), what happened upon ENTER was that the cursor whooooshed back into the callsign field and WL sent the other guy's call and my Grid #.

I closed the Stew Perry file, opened up the ARRL 160m Contest file last used, and entered a dummy QSO.  When I pushed the ENTER key, everything worked as normal.

Doubtful the BUG will get fixed by 1500 UTC which is 11 hours from now, which means having to push F3 and then CTRL + ENTER at the end of each "Run" QSO ;-(

FYI & 73...

Rick, K6VVA

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