[WriteLog] ARRL RTTY Roundup questions...

Richard Elling Richard.Elling at GoldensRule.com
Mon Jan 2 01:07:14 EST 2006

On Jan 1, 2006, at 10:20 AM, Tim Gardner wrote:
> The RTTY Roundup is next weekend. This is one I have
> not worked before, and after reading the rules, I have
> a question or two.

We look forward to seeing you on the air. It is a fun contest.

> Despite the contest name, the rules permit "RTTY,
> ASCII, AMTOR, PSK31 and Packet".   Now it seems to me
> that there is likely to be very little contest activty
> on anthing except PSK31 & RTTY, but I'm willing to
> make contacts anywhere I can. Is there enough activity
> on the other modes to make it worth the effort of even
> trying?

RTTY is by far the most popular mode for this contest.
Though I haven't checked out the psk31 traffic.  In my
experience, RTTY is a better contesting mode.  There
should be plenty of activity as long as conditions are

> If so, any ideas or suggestions on how to deal with
> the other modes in Writelog?  Do you just use whatever
> s/w works to make the contact, then enter the QSO into
> Writelog?  If so, how do you differentiate the various
> modes?

What you'll miss is the automatic dupe checking, call
completion and other contesting aids.  You can do that
using manual entry, though, like you would for a phone

> Ultimately, one must merge all QSO data into a single
> file to make up a Cabrillo log.  I can do this by
> hand, but (obviously) would prefer WL or some other
> tool to do the work.  Comments, anyone?
I don't see any scoring advantage for working multiple
modes per band, so I presume it doesn't matter which mode
is chosen for the log.
  -- richard, KB4HB (multioperating at W5VZF)

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