[WriteLog] How log PSK QSOs in RTTY RU?

Connie Marshall k5cm at azalea.net
Mon Jan 9 13:52:43 EST 2006

Hey Jim..... I have used Writelog in several contest including Field Day in
PSK-31 mode. The only bad problem it has is with AFC. The AFC drifts off
when WriteLog is transmitting and many times drifts off to the point of not
bing able to recover the desired signal in a resonable time. I always leave
the AFC turned off and use the RIT or click on the signal. Not good, but
better than using non contest programs like Hamscope for psk.



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Answered my own question.  I switched the RTTYwrite window to PSK and the
column comes up as BPSK.  ADIF export still says RTTY so I'll have to change
this when I import my log to DX4WIN.

I wish I had know that I could do PSK-31 in Writelog, would have saved me
some time switching between applications.

73 - Jim AD1C

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