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Jim Rhodes k0xu at iowadsl.net
Tue Jan 10 21:10:51 EST 2006

And if the mults are "states AND countries" or "sections AND countries"? 
Maybe a clarification of the rules for the uninformed, but I see no need to 

At 05:53 PM 1/10/2006, Joe Subich, W4TV wrote:

>How about:
>   - if the multipliers are Sections AK/HI/KP2/KP4 are sections
>   - if the multipliers are States   AK/HI are States, KP2/KP4 are DX
>   - if the multipliers include DXCC countries, AK/HI/KP2/KP4 are countries
>I think that's relatively clear and matches the political status of
>the entities.
>     ... Joe, W4TV

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