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Bob Naumann - W5OV W5OV at W5OV.com
Wed Jan 11 08:06:01 EST 2006

I'm sorry that you see the ARRL DX contest as "the worst", but it was tried
and failed several years ago to do just what you're asking for.  We had DX
working DX and it just did not work.  I don't recall all of the details of
what happened, but the ARRL DX contest reverted to US & VE working everyone
else quickly.

It's just different - not worse.

While working DX is exciting, in the ARRL DX Contest, DX stations (including
KH6 and KL7) can enjoy running US stations at high rates for pretty much the
whole contest without turning an antenna.  I've done so from V26 a couple of
times, and that can be a lot of fun.  Granted, on Sunday afternoon, it
reminds you of Sunday afternoons in SS as activity tails off.

So, the many others where you can work DX provide the DX excitement that we
all crave.  If contests were all the same, they would all be boring.


Bob W5OV
Also V26O

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The ARRL DX contest is the worst for KL7 and KH6.  VERY few of us get in it
because we CAN'T WORK DX!  If we were allowed to work DX to DX perhaps for
less points per QSO the contest would be much improved!

As for the CORRECT exchange in ANY CONTEST.  The rules are usually CLEAR
after you read them.

John K1ER/KH6
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