[WriteLog] Networking question

Bob Crossland Bob.Crossland at telcove.com
Wed Jan 11 09:09:07 EST 2006

Hello to the group,

I checked the archives for hints as to what may be going on here but
couldn't locate a configuration just like mine, so thought what the
heck, I'll ask the people who know what they're doing.

My goal is to network my 2 contest computers with Writelog, and here is
my configuration: 

	- PC "A":  Running Windows XP, Writelog version 10.46G
	- PC "B":  Running Windows 95, Writelog version 10.46G
	- Both PC's connected to a router.

I have gone through the configuration setups as directed by
documentation from the Writelog site and so far have only been able to
get to the point where I can share files between the 2 PC's, so they are
at least networked.  

I then started Writelog on PC "A", and as instructed by the
documentation, started Writelog on PC "B" using the same Writelog file
that was started on PC "A" (and performed the "save as" etc.).  I then
went through the "link PC's to the network" steps, and to this point
everything seems okay.  The problem is , when I enter contacts on either
of the PC's, they are not showing up on the other, so it appears they
are not networked.

I repeated all of the steps again but just can't get them going.  Any
suggestions would be very much appreciated.


Bob, N3FR   

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