[WriteLog] namedmul.ini opinion please

DJ3IW Götz goetzlin at t-online.de
Sat Jan 14 08:21:12 EST 2006

Hi Jerry,

for the Canadians, East to West makes sense to me while alpha
would come close to "disorder" for me.

73 de Goetz, DJ3IW
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> Writelog users,
> I am going thru the namedmul.ini file used for multipliers in 
> Writelog to
> put the groups in alpha order per observation by Jim, AD1C. There 
> are some
> states in almost each contest that are not in order
> But I notice that most of the Canadian groups are generally ordered 
> East to
> West, not Alpha.
> Before I change the Canadian groups to Alpha, are there any user 
> opinions?
> To me, East to West seems just as "ordered" as Alpha.
> Jerry, W6IHG
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