[WriteLog] MK1100 keyer design?

Richard L. King k5na at texas.net
Wed Jan 18 16:49:48 EST 2006

I have noticed this strange thing about the MK1100 keyer when using 
it with just one radio.

Normally when I switch to dual mode on my FT1000MP it puts the main 
VFO in my left ear and the sub VFO in my right ear. This is the same 
as the VFO readouts on the panel; left for main and right for sub. It 
works this way if I have my headphones plugged directly into the 
radio and is as I would expect it to be.

But when I am wired through my MK1100 keyer and the headphones 
connected to the keyer, it works different. The MK1100 seems to 
reverse the audio and put the main VFO in my right ear and the sub 
VFO in my left ear. This is backwards to the radio layout and to the 
way the radio works with the headphones directly connected and can be 

I checked my jumpers and the cables seemed wired correctly with tip 
to tip, ring to ring, and shield to shield. I asked Ron, K5DJ, about 
this at Dayton and he said he had never heard of anyone having this 
problem before.

It is just me or is it possible that the MK1100 might have some 
incorrect internal wiring? Has anyone else noticed this?

73, Richard - K5NA

P.S. SO2R works as it should.

k5na at ecpi.com 

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