[WriteLog] emailing log to LOTW directly from WL ??

Jerry Flanders jeflanders at comcast.net
Tue Jul 25 16:54:34 EDT 2006

Hi Rich

Been there, done that. I uploaded a bunch of recent files through 
their web page, then emailed one as an attachment. I know that works, 
but it would be much easier process if I can do it directly from WL 
with a couple buttons pushed. No intermediate ADIF prep, etc...

WL is set up for this, so why not use if (if Eudora can do it for me).

Also, I did not get the acknowledgement email when I uploaded them 
through the LOTW web page, but did when I emailed an attachment.

Jerry W4UK

At 20:15 7/25/2006, Richard Zalewski wrote:
>Just curious, why do you want to email logs for LOTW?  You can log in
>to LOTW and upload your tq8 file created from your ADIF file from WL.
>On 7/25/06, Jerry Flanders <jeflanders at comcast.net> wrote:
>>Thanks, Rajiv
>>Eudora is (and already was) the default. Using XP Home.
>>I wonder if Outlook is "hard-wired" in WL.
>>Has _anyone_ been able to directly email logs from WL to LOTW without
>>using Outlook?
>>Jerry W4UK
>>At 19:31 7/25/2006, Rajiv Dewan, N2RD wrote:
>> >This is more a Windows issue than a Writelog issue.  If you are
>> >using Win XP, then go to:
>> >Control Panel : Internet Options :  Programs Tab  and make sure that
>> >Eudoa is picked for hte E-mail program.
>> >That should do it.  There is something similar in all Windows machines.
>> >
>> >Raj, N2RD
>> >
>> >
>> >Jerry Flanders wrote:
>> >
>> >>WL seems to want to use OUTLOOK to email my tq8 file to LOTW.
>> >>
>> >>I don't have OUTLOOK configured, since I use EUDORA for all email needs.
>> >>
>> >>How do I to tell WL to NOT use OUTLOOK?
>> >>
>> >>Jerry W4UK
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>Dick W7ZR

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