[WriteLog] Anyone using FT9000 with Writelog?

miles miles at milarasmt.com
Tue Jun 27 07:51:35 EDT 2006

Here are some issues that I have.
Has anyone else seen similar.

Serial drop

At any baud rate, the serial link between writelog and the Ft9000 drops "No
Radio" shows up on the display.

I have tried all baud rates from 4800 - 9600.

The cable is a stock 9 pin serial.

The link only stays up for a short time then drops.


Split light.

Frequency when changing frequency by clicking on Spots or the Freq GUI bars,
the Split light on the 9000 keeps coming on.

I keep manually shutting off split, but it keeps coming back on.


Freq Gui bars.

When I click on a vfo gui bar, it will load the freq into the Primary

Is there any way to use these as just a way toggle between the two a/b

If VFO A is the primary and I click on the gui for vfo B, it will load VFO A
with the values from the gui B.

I end up with both vfo A and B the same freq.  What I would prefer is to
click on Gui A to become the primary or click  B to become the primary, not
rewrite the primary, just toggle between the two.



Any input will be helpful full

Thanks, Miles


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