[WriteLog] Serial Port Choppy CW

W7RY w7ry at centurytel.net
Fri Jun 30 12:08:30 EDT 2006

No virus software running.  As I say fresh load of Win 2000. And
Writelog is the only program installed other than what comes with
and service pack 4.
Jim W7RY
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I'm getting Writelog version 10.59D set up on a old IBM ThinkPad 390X
laptop 450Mhz and running Windows 2000.  It has a built in serial port.
When I use the serial port to send CW, it sounds choppy on some of the
characters. This is a fresh re-load of Windows 2000 and I downloaded all
of the updates from Microsoft.

I did a search of the archives and found some stuff dealing with the
parallel port sending choppy CW but found nothing about  the serial port
doing this.


Thanks and 73
Jim W7RY
Choppy cw has always been a problem with WL as far as I know.  It
happens with cw keying on both serial port and lpt ports.  I believe it
is associated with the cpu being "overloaded" by too many processes
requiring cpu cycles simultaneously.  You can reduce the occurrence of
choppy cw by shutting down any programs that are running concurrently
with WL, such as virus checking software, but you will probably not
eliminate the problem altogether.
To get around studdering cw problem and the fact that my new laptop has
neither a serial port or an lpt port, I now use a microHam CW Keyer with
WL.  This device interfaces with WL to provide both radio control and cw
keying via the computer's USB port.  It works beautifully, and I can
highly recommend it.  There are number of microHam products that will do
the trick, and the CW Keyer is just one of them.  Ck them out at
http://www.microham-usa.com/products.html.  I have no affiliation with
this company, other than being a satisfied customer.
73, Geo...k5kg

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