[WriteLog] MMTTY plug in problem

Berni GU0IDA g0ida at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 1 07:04:44 EST 2006

  I've been reading this thread and feel I have to say something to stop the confusion.
  All you ops have super rigs which do RTTY. 
  Why do you persist in using audio for transmit for this mode?
  Why do you put audio into the mic socket and not into the patch socket which is designed for this, if you really have to use audio?
  The best way of sending RTTY is through the digital port at the back of most rigs.
  I use WriteLog with MMTTY module, I set TX to COM 1 and send via the serial port through 2 opto isolators and it's connected straight to the RTTY port at the back of my FT1000MP Mk V, no magic box in between.
  I have never had any problems and my signal will always be at the correct amplitude, shift and frequency and never distorted. You run into problems using audio especially putting into the front mic socket which is not tailored for RTTY freq response. Also some rigs have audio TX DSPs which will distort a RTTY audio generated signal.
  Second thing is that I can now press the RTTY mode button on my rig and have all the useful facilities or DATA filtering using DSP, which the rig provides and CW filters which you can't in SSB mode.
  If you are serious into contesting you are going to have to do it this way to benefit from the narrow filters.
  Here is a thought for everyone: 
With today's rigs would you put the rig into SSB mode, key up and send CW using an audio tone oscillator into a mic or patch socket when all you need to do is select the CW mode button and send CW using the key?
I'll let you all think about that one :-)
Hope this helps,

David Hachadorian <k6ll at adelphia.net> wrote:   Here's something to check. The mic input jack is a monaural 
input, but it requires a stereo plug, with audio on the tip, 
and shield on the shell. There should be no connection to 
the ring. There is a dc voltage on the ring that is used to 
power electret mics, such as the usual computer mics. You 
cannot connect a mono plug to the mic in jack. The plug has 
to be a stereo plug, even though the ring is not used.

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ

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From: "Gary Senesac AL9A" 
To: "Writelog Reflector" 
Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 10:38 PM
Subject: Re: [WriteLog] MMTTY plug in problem

> Charlie,
> Computer is a Compaq Presario laptop running WinME. I 
> seriously doubt the
> problem is the sound card driver, as the card works fb on 
> PSK31, CW, and
> SSB. It also works without a problem on the MMTTY stand 
> alone software. It
> is only when running the MMTTY plug in with WL that the 
> card apparently gets
> overloaded and desensed.
> I've played with it a bit more today, with no success. I 
> feed the receive
> audio to the MIC IN of the soundcard from the fix audio 
> output pin on the
> ACC1 jack on the back of my IC-756PRO. Because this is 
> generally too much
> audio for the card I first route it to a Radio Shack 
> stereo mixer where I
> can use a slider control to adjust the output going to the 
> soundcard. When
> testing the differences between MMTTY stand alone and 
> MMTTY plug in I notice
> that the MMTTY stand alone will take significantly more 
> audio input from the
> mixer than MMTTY plug in will before the Overflow 
> indicator comes on.
> Again, no clue why that would be.
> After transmitting with MMTTY plug in for WL, the spectrum 
> display
> continuously displays Overload, the tuning indicator is 
> just a blob of white
> dots and the audio wave indicator remains relatively flat 
> never showing the
> mark and space peaks for tuning. I suspect RFI of some 
> sort, but darned if
> I can understand why one program is immune and the other 
> goosey! I tried
> putting more turns on the torrid core on the input line to 
> the soundcard
> ,but it didn't make any difference. I will have to 
> scrounge up more torrids
> and ferrite bars out of the junk box and trying adding 
> more chokes on the
> audio out to the radio too I guess. I know AA5AU's 
> tutorial mentions RFI
> problems on RTTY so I suspect this is going to take some 
> time to correct
> Now to get ready for the SSB test this weekend. Hopefully 
> there won't be a
> problem with that now too! Murphy lives!
> Gary AL9A
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> From: "Charles Morrison" 
> To: 
> Sent: February 26, 2006 8:33 AM
> Subject: RE: MTTY plug in problem
>> Gary,
>> What type of computer are you using? Is this a homebrew 
>> or "built" one,
> or
>> is this a store bought box like Dell or Gateway? The 
>> important thing is
> the
>> soundcard.. Is it stock or is it an addon? The reason I 
>> ask is because I
>> fought similar problems with my "built" computer using an 
>> OEM soundcard
> that
>> I bought on Ebay. There were no drivers for it, and 
>> although for playing
>> windows sounds and such, generic Microsoft Drivers 
>> worked, I found that
>> there were strange problems when I hooked the radio to 
>> it. Investigation
>> with the serial number turned up several possibilities, 
>> but the FCC id
> gave
>> me the manufacturer (Creative) which wasn't stamped on 
>> the card.
>> >From there, futher digging on the Creative site found me 
>> >the correct
> driver,
>> which I used to replace the Microsoft driver and things 
>> worked fine. With
>> the MS Driver I found:
>> 1. Audio input was present regardless of if I used the 
>> Line In or the Mic
>> In, and chose either one in the audio panel. IE: I could 
>> plug the radio
>> into Line In, and in the sound panel on the computer 
>> choose Mic but I
> still
>> had audio.
>> 2. There was a weird "residual" noise, whereby I had 
>> audio showing up
> even
>> if the rig was turned off, NOISE!
>> 3. Level settings didn't seem to work correctly. I 
>> could turn the inputs
>> all the way down and still have audio present in MMTTY. 
>> This is what
> really
>> blew my mind.
>> Changing the driver fixed this permanently. Now, if Im 
>> plugged into the
>> Line In and select Mic, the waterfall and such in MMTTY 
>> goes to a "dot",
> no
>> audio present. The inputs work correctly as well.
>> I dug around on Google with the Model number printed on 
>> the card, used the
>> FCC website to ID the card definitely by its FCC ID, and 
>> then found the
>> correct drivers on Creative's site.
>> Charlie
>> KI5XP
>> > Message: 3
>> > Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 13:06:23 -0900
>> > From: "Gary Senesac AL9A" 
>> > Subject: [WriteLog] MTTY plug in problem
>> > To: "Writelog Reflector" 
>> > Message-ID: <003f01c63a57$b765b6a0$6401a8c0 at presario>
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>> >
>> > Way too late to get started on this, but I've been 
>> > trying to
>> > run the NA QSO Party RTTY edition using the MMTTY plug 
>> > for
>> > WL. At first my problem was no receive in MTTY. The 
>> > band
>> > scope remained unchanged no matter where I tuned, the
>> > waterfall didn't work and the tuning indicator also 
>> > wouldn't work.
>> > Fiddled around a bit and tried changing the sound card
>> > buttons from Mono to Left to Right. Finally got the 
>> > sound
>> > card to wake up and got receive going.
>> > However, whenever I transmit, 100W, and go back to 
>> > receive
>> > the I'm back to no receive! Clicking on the sound 
>> > board
>> > buttons again restores it.
>> > Transmit and it dies!
>> >
>> > My first suspicion was RF getting back into the sound 
>> > card,
>> > but I already have a big torrid choke on the line in 
>> > and RF
>> > feed back is not a problem on either CW or SSB. I shut 
>> > down
>> > WL and fired up MMTTY stand alone. Receives and 
>> > transmits
>> > just fine. No problem switching back from transmit to
>> > receive. Why would the stand alone work OK and the 
>> > plug in
>> > be a brick???
>> > Same hook up for both so I'm thoroughly stumped. Any
>> > suggestions gratefully accepted.
>> > Gary AL9A
>> >
>> >
>> >
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