[WriteLog] MMTTY plug-in trick

Jerry Pixton jpixton at shentel.net
Thu Mar 2 07:36:20 EST 2006

MMTTY Plug-in users,

If you run two instances of MMTTY this might be of interest:

In my SO2R set-up, I have used the MMTTY plug-in for years (and I guess I 
am using the full version rather than the engine being talked about). I 
also use low tones on one radio and high tones on the other radio so I can 
quickly tell which radio is talking to me.

I have always had to start up the Rttyrite windows in the proper order in 
order to set the tones and to point to the proper sound card and channel. 
This is easy enough to do before a contest; I do it every day for general 
qso. But it is a big bother when the computer crashes during a contest and 
you are trying to get back on the air.

After looking at the writelog.ini the other day, I tried the following 
trick. I made a copy of the mmtty directory in .../Program Files/ and 
pasted it back into /Program Files/ giving it a new name (mmtty_left).

Then I copied the mmtty location information in the writelog.ini rtty 
decoder section, down to the rtty decoder 2 section and change the path to 
the new directory.

Now when I start up the two instances of MMTTY, they each use their own 
userpara.ini and the tones and sound board information is now president. 
Much easier. I still have to open the rttyrite windows in the proper order 
but I now longer have to configure one of them in a panic.

Jerry, W6IHG
Dr. Jerry R. Pixton, PIXOS Designs LLC
jpixton at shentel.net

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