[WriteLog] 746PRO comments

AD8J ad8j.1 at comcast.net
Sun Mar 5 12:30:12 EST 2006

I got a 746PRO about two years ago to replace my
trusty TS-830S.  I wanted something that could operate
mobile and would pass the band information to WL.
The radio does both just fine and I love being able to
instantly QSY to another band.  I also like the pre-
amplifiers and automatic notch filter.

However, I miss the optional narrow filters that I had
in the Kenwood.  The 746PRO filters are really
adjustable but just don't have the sharp edge that I
was used to.  I also miss the tubes that didn't care
about high SWR.  I also don't like having to use an
external relay to key the SB-220 amplifier.  I also 
don't  like the "Free" PS-125 power supply that 
won't run on 220V and has a noisy fan that runs alot.

If you were buying a rig for mobile use, I'd say go with
the 746PRO.  For a shack rig, I think I would spend
more money and get something better.  I've never
used a 761 so I can't compare the two.  Whatever
you are thinking about buying, I'd borrow one and
run it side by side with your 761 to see if it's really
what you want.

John Getz, AD8J

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