[WriteLog] [microHAM] Router 3.1.0 Available ...

Joe Subich, W4TV w4tv at subich.com
Fri Mar 10 17:34:20 EST 2006

An update to microHAM Router (Router 3.1.0) is available for download at:

Key changes to this version:
  - Enhanced support (frequency/mode decoding) for transceivers:
    K2, FT-840, FT-757GXII, FT-767, JST-145/245, IC-7000, IC-910H, IC-275E.
  - some corrections in CAT decoding in FTdx9000
  - bug fixed: Now "CT space" can be set independently of "Auto space".
  - bug fixed: CW-R and RTTY-R modes on all Icoms was incorrectly
  - 2nd FSK port is allowed for all radio types.
  - Adds a second PTT port to support independent digital mode and
    logger applications
  - allows PTT from both FSK ports (support MMTTY with loggers)

Those using Router 2.x and later can install 3.1.0 over it, just close any
running copy of Router before installing.  Users with Router 1.x installed
MUST uninstall Router and REBOOT their computer before installing the
upgrade to Router 3.1.0.

The last three items in the list allow microKEYER users to much more easily
configure a logging program to interoperate with MMTTY/MMVARI and avoid
contention over ports.  The 2nd FSK and second PTT ports also permit SO2V
operation in FSK and/or enable running two instances of MMTTY with separate
profiles on a single transceiver.


    ... Joe Subich, W4TV
        microHAM America

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