[WriteLog] 756PROIII Query

Bob Jensen - aa7fk aa7fk at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 16 18:08:49 EST 2006

Afternoon All,

Hope to see you in the BARTG RTTY action this weekend.

I have a Rig Question, that hopefully some of you can give me some input on. 
  I'm getting ready to purchase a new rig, not because of need .. but .. if 
I'm honest, because of want;  With the new technology that has come along 
since my Icom 761 came out.  I've used my 761 for almost 20 years with great 
satisfaction, and would never get rid of it, but like me it's getting old I 
think.  Still functions well, but as I said .. I feel I want to play with 
something new.

So here's a 2 part question:

1.  Have any of you had a Icom 761 and then upgraded to the 756PROIII ??  
(Or any of the 756PRO's).  If so, have you found the 756 an improvement over 
the 761 or ???  Appreciate your input.

2.  Second part, for those who are using the 756PROIII .. how do you feel 
about it after operating it for a while now .. are you satisfied with it?

I value your input and thank you for your time.


Catch ya in the Tests I hope.


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