[WriteLog] Autosave

Hal Kennedy halken at comcast.net
Mon Mar 27 13:03:44 EST 2006

There are two command lines under the [Configuration] section in
writelog.ini that relate to log saving.

These are:


A few notes:

As with all WL .ini lines, proper capitalization is required.  If you are
adding or editing these or any other lines, you must have the caps correct.

Between saves, WL saves every QSO into a file called filname_bck.adi.
Filename is the same name as the name you are saving the contest under.  You
cannot lose a QSO whether you save often, seldom or never.

There are lower and upper limits for efficient use of autosave.  Autosaving
every QSO is unnecessary and not workable for large logs.  My recent M/2
outings have more than 8000 QSOs in the log and a 'save' takes the better
part of a second.  Saving every QSO is not workable with large logs and not
necessary.  I have seen WL crash when autosave was set to very high numbers,
such as 2000.  I am not sure why this is - my suspicion from the error
messages at the time is that a lot of QSO data is going into RAM, and
eventually I ran out of RAM.

I like AutoSaveCount=300 as a nice compromise between excessive saving and
the risk of running out of RAM.

QsoWarningCount sets the number at which WL pops up the warning to do a
save.  I leave it set to one more than autosave, which means it never pops
up, unless, something in autosave has failed to happen properly.

Just one guy's approach.........

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