[WriteLog] VA QSO Module Scoring

K3SK k3sk at hiddenacresfarm.com
Mon Mar 27 22:25:34 EST 2006

Thanks for the response.   The QSOs were in the log and included in the
total QSO count.   They just were not included in the calculations for total
score.   I ended up exporting an ADIF file and importing it into N1MM to
recalculate, then create the cabrillo submittal.    Some what of a pain, but
I was able to make it work.  Hope it's corrected before next year.
Dave K3SK


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Please send in a hand log  for 220 and 70 cm with appropriate notation, and
the committee will make the appropriate adjustments.  This shortcoming has
apparently been around a while, but has just been noticed by users.  I'm
personally aware of two other users that have made similar comments.
                   73, Dick, W2YE
                   Member, VA QSO Party Committee

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