[WriteLog] WriteLog - need WL Brain Trust assistance

Bob Naumann - W5OV W5OV at W5OV.com
Tue Mar 28 08:00:13 EST 2006


You asked for a reply off the reflector.  If you didn't get one, you should
have said something.

When you say that you "can, however, read Freq/Mode info", exactly what do
you mean by that?  

Are you talking about within Writelog or just with your other programs?

Have you compared the com port settings you use in the other programs to how
you have WL configured?  (e.g. 1200,N,8,1)

What about the Hex address for your radio?  Does the PIEXX use a different
address than the default for the 751A?


Bob W5OV 

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Subject: [WriteLog] WriteLog - need WL Brain Trust assistance

WL Brain Trust,

I am running WriteLog V10.58e under the Windows XP operating system.
I have not been able to command my rig using WL.
I can, however, read rig Freq/Mode info.

Rig is ICOM-751a with Piexx interface installed.

I can, however, command the rig with other software loggers (Logger32 and
N1MM, for example). So I conclude that there must be a set up problem with
my WL or INI file.

I think I have WL COMM ports set up correct, but would benefit from some
hand-holding and guidance.

Could someone take a look at my INI file and see if they could spot
something wrong with the set up, please?

Please reply off the reflector.

I would attach the INI file in an email to you.

de Jerr, k6iii at juno.com
San Jose, CA

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