[WriteLog] Importing ADIF and QSL files

VE3SUN - Peter peterj at benlo.com
Tue May 23 08:41:37 EDT 2006

As C31LJ, I am changing QSL managers to VE3EXY who tells me that he uses 
WriteLog to print the labels. Previous QSLing was done by VE3GEJ using a 
custom program I wrote. VE3GEJ passed away a few weeks ago.

I sent VE3EXY a simple ADIF file - in the same format I used successfully 
for LOTW, eQSL, and other programs.


I see the WL export ADIF includes lots more fields.

He says WriteLog doesn't respond at all to attempts to import this file. No 
joy. No error messages.

I would also like to transfer the QSL SENT list. He showed me the format for 
that file and it seems to include a "record number" of some sort. I am not 
sure how to generate that for WL. Is it possible?

RECV 2004-01-28 00883 PA5TT        ^M$
RECV 2004-01-28 02184 PA5TT        ^M$

Just wondering if it is going to be possible to import the information he 
needs into WriteLog.

Not being a WL user, I am unsure as to how to proceed at this point. If WL 
can import the log and QSL sent info in any format, I can generate the 
needed file.

I was also looking for a download of a trial WL so I could try this myself, 
but didn't see one. Did I miss it?


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