[WriteLog] FW: Can't stay networked

Charles Fulp k3ww at fast.net
Sun Dec 30 17:09:17 EST 2007

I could not stay networked during the Stew Perry either.
The logs would synchronize then I get disconnected.  This ended up not 
triggering my recording on the networked computer (just got the first hour).

I was sure the network worked on 10, and with my day to day general log, 
and it DID and DOES .  It was pretty surprising, as I thought I had 
thoroughly checked the networking when the 10.64D update came out and 
was pretty happy to see things looking solid.

So it is something in the Stew Perry module that kills the network as 
soon as the first information is exchanged?

I tried on a 3rd computer and had the same results.

The RAC module would not let me enter VE provinces or score the contest, 
but I did not try networking it. 

Anyone have different results with the StewPerry module?

73 Chas K3WW

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