[WriteLog] More on %Z

Hal Kennedy halken at comcast.net
Wed Jun 20 09:47:46 EDT 2007

After a lot of experimentation I've found:

1.  The program will return "KHZ" when using CW, if you have never run a
RTTY module.  Once you run a RTTY once, the program will never return KHZ
again in CW.

2.  In CW, %Z1 and %Z2 do not return anything.

3.  In CW, %ZA1 and %ZA2 will return the proper frequencies, IF the program
has been told to connect to the network as computer A, but will return
nothing until you make the connection.  It is case sensitive, so if the
computer is "A" and you use %Za1 it will not return anything - it must be

4.  Once you have connected to a network, you can unconnect and %ZA1 and the
other still work - but you have to have made a connection at one time.

Some desirable fixes:

1.  Make it work on CW (no returning KHZ) out of the box without having to
launch the RTTY window at least once.
2.  Fix %Zn with no letter on CW.
3.  If #2 can be fixed, then this isn't necessary, but if #2 can't be fixed,
then let %ZA1 work without having to connect to a network.



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