[WriteLog] RS232 CW PTT problem

Ric Plummer ricp at charter.net
Thu Mar 1 14:02:50 EST 2007

Why use a second port ? it is intended to use the RTS of the rig control
Second, if you need to use other ports, you can set up in the .ini file.
See the help for that. You basically tell it which of the prots present in
your vomputer to use
for each of the 4 ComSlots. Below is a portion of my .ini file:


Hope that helps

Ric KV1W

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Hello to all!
A Greek friend of mine is using writelog v10 and recently upgraded his
computer. The new computer has only one RS23 port to which he has connected
the control box of TS850 rig. He had made a simple PTT trnasistor circuit
for CW PTT using RTS pin of a second RS232 port in the old computer. There
was no other serial port in the new computer so he bought a PCI to serial
card and this gave him two more serial ports COM7 and COM8, which work
The problem is that Writelog v10 doesn't see any RS232 port except COM1,
COM2, COM3, COM4 so there is no way to use his CW PTT circuit... Working
with LPT port is out of the question because it is occupied with printers.
Is there a way to overcome his problem? What would you suggest?
Thank you!

Dennis Drakopoulos
73 de SV1CDN

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