[WriteLog] [CQ-Contest] Quality of Sound Cards?

Clint Talmadge unclebudd at bellsouth.net
Tue Mar 6 17:46:10 EST 2007

I don't know about Write-Log as I don't use it but there is a great disparity in Sound Cards. When my Desk Top rolled over and died, I replaced it with a Lap Top and installed all the software. I had some PSK programs and MMTTY which worked MUCH poorer using the Lap Top's built in software. Limped the Desk Top back up and tried it again and it was as before. The Lap Top is still in service but a new Desk Top with a real Sound Blaster or the Delta SC is in the works.

my $.02

W5CPT - Clint

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  When I upgraded the shack computer from a P3 to a P4 (a 1.6 GHz IBM NetVista), I didn't swap the (Soundblaster 16 PCI) sound card.  Instead I am using the one built-in to the new computer.

  My station is a HEil Proset feeding an Orion. I use Writelog.

  I made a "recording on the fly" through the during the contest last weekend, and the results were sub-par, certainly when compared to the recording I made directly into the radio. 

  My questions: 

  - Is this a software configuration (i.e., how Writelog records) issue?

  - Will the old sound card back sound better than the built-in one (i.e., are there greater and lesser than equal sound cards)?  If so, is the Audio Delta 44 Audio Card ($159) that the SDR-1000 uses worth the investment? 

  73 & Thanks,

  Eric W3DQ
  Washington, DC 
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