[WriteLog] Rig control with Writelog.

Jim McDonald jim at n7us.net
Thu Mar 8 03:33:57 EST 2007

Writelog can be used with N4PY's rig control program for Ten Tec, Icom,
Kenwood, or Elecraft (different program for each manufacturer).  In my
limited experience with the combination, the problem is that if you take the
Windows focus from WL and tune/adjust something on the radio with the N4PY
program, you need to make the QSO entry window active again, of course, to
log or send a macro.

N4PY can use a USB knob, the Griffin PowerMate, which I have and use with my
PROIII, but the problem is the focus with that too.  If you tune the VFO or
RIT with that, then the Windows focus is not on WL, so you can't enter a
contact without clicking the mouse on the WL window or using ALT-TAB to
switch.  The tuning rate with my PROIII is too slow anyway.

The program makes excellent use of a Ten-Tec knob with Ten-Tec (I had an
Orion), and I think that combination would be fine, but I haven't tried WL
with N4PY on a Ten-Tec.

N4PY is at http://www.ralabs.com/n4py/ if you want to look at it.  The
program is great for enhancing the user interface of a radio, but I'm not a
fan of using it with WL.

Jim N7US


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On Wed, 7 Mar 2007, Paul Jansen wrote:

> Can Writelog control any other functions of the radio other than frequency
> and TX/RX - such as filter bandwidth?

What is really needed is for WriteLog to interface (maybe via DDE or OLE or
whatever venues might work) d-i-r-e-c-t-l-y with full rig control software,
so that the rig commands many of us desire (including VFO knob tuning with a
USB knob), can all be done from withint the same (logging) program.

This would be for either home station contesting, or remote site operations.

I am not suggesting Science Fiction here, just more Visionary Thinking and
action steps to make it happen by those with the abilities and skills to do

WriteLog *could* become the "Next Generation" of Contesting logging software
programs with such implementations.


Rick, K6VVA

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