[WriteLog] [ Can't Install WriteLog1062, Help]: URL for MSI Installers

tom.mcdermott4 at sbcglobal.net tom.mcdermott4 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 10 09:55:09 EST 2007

Jerry K9MY writes:
> Hi all;
>    I need some help here I can't get the program setup at all. I followed
> instructions in the email sent by Ron and I got nothing except that it
> find writelog.msi and indeed when I unzip I get 4 files which the
> says is correct. it then says to click on setup.exe and I get an error
> saying can't find the file.

Hi Jerry,

Microsoft has updated the installer software several times,
some newer applications require the recent version in order to install
correctly. The current MSI installers are available from free from the
website. Here's the URL, as of March 10, 2007. MS moves their links around
often, but since these are KnowledgeBase articles, the links will probably
fixed for some time.

Installer version 3.1 is the latest, but it's only available for
   Win 2000, XP, and Server 2003.

There are two different downloads for Installer version 2.0:
   one for Win 2000, and NT,  
   and one for Win 95, 98, ME.
You need to get the appropriate one.


Tom, N5EG


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