[WriteLog] Auto Registration code not working

Jerald Douglas jerald_douglas at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 19 04:49:38 EST 2007

Hi Rick;
  I had that same problem and got it resolved. You will have to call Ron (email didn't cut it) and get the correct code while you have him on the phone.
  The Reg code is based on a checksum of your unique callsign and if Ron has a number of orders he sometimes inadvertently gives you the other guys code and you will get exactly the error message you spoke of.
  The trick here is tracking down Ron.
  73 Jerry K9MY

Rick Graham <rick.graham3 at comcast.net> wrote:
  Hi all,

Has anyone run into a situation where the auto-generated registration code
does not work? I purchased Writelog yesterday via paypal and got a long auto
response with my username/registration code. When I try to install WL10.62H,
it gets to the registration screen. I entered (by hand and copy/paste
method) but get the message 'The registration key you have entered is either
expired or invalid'.

I sent a message to Ron, but haven't heard any response as of yet (I really
didn't expect to get a response keeping in mind that it IS the weekend and a
major RTTY contest is in full swing ;). I was just wondering if anyone else
had those problems.

73 DE AI3W, Rick

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