[WriteLog] Speed up

Steve GW4BLE GW4BLE at btconnect.com
Tue Mar 20 17:33:41 EST 2007

Had an erratic 'speed' problem here to John, but going in the other
direction, i.e. QRSSSS, so much so that the PC would lock-up followed by the
inevitable crash. Seems to be either a Winkey, Writelog or (in my case)
microHAM keyer issue - or combination of all three.  For the later, the
microHAM support team are already on the case but maybe WL support should be
looking more closely at Winkey/Writelog integration issues like this.


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Hi Again, 
I forgot to put in my last message about the speed up << >> in the cw
macros, it works fine BUTevery so often the speed up speeds up MORE than it
should and carries on right to the end of the macro test (including the s/n)

This can be quite embarrasing if you are working a not so fast an op' 
I thought it might be the pc I used so I tried a different pc which did
exactley the same, it happens maybe once in ten minutes. It cant be the
macro or it would do this all the time
I am using E version not the new H, using the Winkey setting in the port
config screen.
Anyone any ideas
John G4RCG

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