[WriteLog] SO2R REMOTE CONTESTING - TS-480 Issue

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Tue Mar 27 00:48:07 EST 2007

I went to the TS-480 "Bible" (The Kenwood Manual) in this matter.

Page 1 clearly shows a picture of the rig body which is referred to as the "transceiver" (that's what does the transmitting & receiving).

Page 1 also clearly shows a picture of the "Remote Control Panel" and refers to it as this (my term has been "Control Head").

So in reality, anyone operating a TS-480 in a contest with either the Remote Control Panel (a/k/a "Control Head") or via remote control software on a PC at a home QTH, is really operating the transceiver (a/k/a rig body) via "remote control".  Surprise, Surprise!

The only difference between remote control software and the Kenwood Remote Control Panel is that the one is strictly software (also displaying a "panel layout" on a computer screen), and the Kenwood unit is a screen display encased in its own housing that happens to have buttons and a VFO dial on it, and you don't need a mouse to use it.

If someone hooks up a Griffin Power Knob to N4PY's software, TRX Manager or another remote control software program on their computer, they have essentially the same thing as the Kenwood "Remote Control Panel" absent of some other physical buttons to push and tiny knobs to turn vs. everything being displayed on a computer screen and generally requiring a the use of a mouse in addition to some keyboard "hot key" options.

Neither the TS-480 Remote Control Panel or remote control software generate any RF nor receive any signals, and therefore can not be considered an integral part of the transceiver (transmitting & receiving device).  The aforementioned are strictly "Remote Control" devices.  To try and prove otherwise would be illogical.  This is quite different, of course, from transceivers which are standalone boxes where all the operpating knobs and buttons a part of the physical unit which also does the transmitting and receiving, which accordingly must be located within the infamous 500m circle.

I will also forward this supporting evidence to the Contest Sponsors and Managers.

FYI & 73...

Rick, K6VVA


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