[WriteLog] Steady Carrier, No Diddle

Bob Lafont bob.lafont at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 16:22:33 EST 2007

I looked at previous emails about 'no diddle' and thought my problem of no
diddle might have already been answered but unfortunately it hasn't.
In MMTY, under the TX tab, Diddle is set to LTRS.
Also under the TX tab PTT port is set to COM1 which is where my FSK
interface is connected to.
Under Radio Command in the TX tab I have Port Definition set to Com4 where
my CAT interface is connected to.
When I launch MMTY the CAT interface properly activate the CAT function in
my MkV.
I have tried under the Misc tab Tx Port both Sound+Com+TxD (FSK) and
COM-TxD(FSK) but neither fix the no diddle or no RTTY, just steady carrier.
Also, for sometime obvious reasons, a simple radio setting might be the
problem but the radio is set to FSK.
Any suggestions as to what else I can try?

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