[WriteLog] Updates

Phil Duff & Ann Duff na4m at arrl.net
Sun May 13 11:11:40 EDT 2007

Richard Zalewski wrote:
> It seems to me that this program is on its way to the scrap heap of
> amateur contesting programs and yet we get hit up for another
> "contribution".
Not sure why Richard feels the statement  "...this "is on it's way to 
the scrap heap..." is valid.

WriteLog seems to me to be full-functioned with reasonable support.  
I've never found it lacking in any substantial way thru many years of 
use.   I've used CT and TR and made an attempt at N1MM but WL has always 
been my favorite.

73 Phil NA4M

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Phil Duff NA4M & Ann Duff
Georgetown, Texas

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