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Sun May 13 12:29:13 EDT 2007

Rob, I agree with you.  N1MM is a capable program, and I've used it in a few contests,  but I always gravitate back to Writelog.  And the cost of 10 cents per day, should really be broken down further.  At $30 renewal (good for a year) that breaks down to less than a cent per day.  To be exact, it's 0.08219178 cents per day.  OK, let's call it 0.09 cents per day.  Still cheap.  

It's impossible for any contesting program to accommodate every contest, but recently the folks at Writelog were notified that the Colorado QSO Party (the first) was scheduled for July 15, 2007.  In less than a week, N9OH had setup a module to include the contest.  N1MM, to be fair, also did a good job of including the COQP module.  

I don't think Writelog is heading for the scrap heap.  Not in my lifetime, anyway.  I hope that doesn't happen, and I'm sure that W5XD is not getting independently wealthy with the renewal fee.  

Just my 2 days worth,


________________________ K6RB wrote ______________________

I know there are a lot of hams who use and like N1MM. I tried it, here, 
after many years of good results with WriteLog. I was never quite able to 
get the SO2R to function the way it does with WriteLog, so I uninstalled 
N1MM. Maybe I just needed to give it more learning-curve time, but I had 
already invested plenty of time with WriteLog.

As for the price of an annual renewal, I'm paying close to $70 every time I 
fill up the car, these days. So, $30 seems like a veritable drop in the 
bucket. It is less than ten cents per day. And, if you have tried other 
programs on RTTY, then you know that WriteLog is the preferred contest log, 
hands down.

I just renewed to get an unexpired code for 10.63H, so I have another 12 
months of my favorite contest log.

Rob K6RB

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