[WriteLog] WriteLog Digest, Vol 53, Issue 11

Alan Maenchen ad6e at inreach.com
Sun May 13 20:18:38 EDT 2007

Zoli hit a sore point for me.

I can no longer use WL due to the SO2R (lack of) support.
For some reason, LPT1 does not show up in WL and therefore I cannot use

N1MM works fine.  Although I don't particularly like N1MM, I have no choice.

When WL picks up an intelligent SO2R support that does not get hung up on
LPT, I'll come back.

My particulars in case you're curious:
W2000 Professional OS
LPT1: appears to be working fine for all programs except WL.
UserPort is installed and setup correctly.  WL used to find LPT1, but no
Within WL10.61E, LPT:2 appears, but all other LPTs are grayed out.
This is odd since I have no LPT2 either physical or virtual...confirmed by
Device Manager.
I've tried numerous hints and kinks to no avail.

My only clue is that LPT1 disappeared when I installed a new 200G HD as E:
... but it only disappeared for WL.
The new drive is only used for photos/videos/music.

I have given up.

73, Al  AD6E

>What I also considered negative and made me stop using and subscribing WL
at the end were certain policies like the lack of  integrated >LPT support
 for XP and  the consequent lack of SO2R support (A/B bits on LPT ports only
thus not under XP). If W5XD had said "guys, >I need to invest X hours and Y
dollars to get it done, and it will come in version A which would cost you Z
dollars and would be available >in Q - R  months" I would have been
supportive even without knowing X and Y. Knowing that Writelog team left
this problem to some >third party SW or HW really disappointed me.
>So I left WL and only use it for some QSO Parties in version 10.45 but for
serious contesting I migrated to Win-Test. In some aspects it >is worse,
less mature and less intuitive than Writelog but the two issues above are
fully addressed and for me that was important.
>73, Zoli HA1AG

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