[WriteLog] Problem with Cabrillo File creation

Dick-w0raa w0raa at comcast.net
Mon Nov 19 13:48:51 EST 2007

When I try to create a cabrillo file after a contest, I click on Contest | Cabrillo file, and the cabrillo window pops up as it should.  But, that's where the problem (if it is one) starts.  

Call Used: Shows my call W0RAA
Category: Blank  -  Also, the space next to Category is also blank.
Power is blank (no choices showing to choose from)
Mode:  Blank, no choices to choose from
Band:  Blank:  Again, no choices to choose from

My Name and address are it the file, and club affiliation is OK and
the area for Soap Box comments is OK.  

What might I have set incorrectly that none of the usual choices appear?  

Any help will be appreciated.



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