[WriteLog] Dumb Direct i/o question

Stan Staten stan.staten at verizon.net
Fri Apr 4 16:32:45 EDT 2008

Had a crash and am re-installing everything.  I bought Direct I/O some time
ago and was using it.  Now I try and install it and can't.  Downloaded
latest version which is a *.EXE file.  On-line help says to use winzip to
open it, but winzip will not find/open an exe file.  Tried changing
extension to .zip and XP tells me it is corrupted.  DIrectio.exe it self
does run, shows something after I hit next, but then does nothing other than
leave itself resident.  All the help files I find tell me how to configure
it, but I can't even get that far.  Dumb Me!!


73 Stan, N3HS


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