[WriteLog] RF problems

WG0M at aol.com WG0M at aol.com
Thu Apr 17 21:56:37 EDT 2008

Hi All;
I am having RF issues when running CW, Writelog and the amp.  What is  
interesting is I don't have RF issues when running CW, the amp and  TR..........
Here is what happens.  I hit an F-key on the computer  keyboard and the rig 
goes into a 'key down' mode meaning continuous  transmit, no cw.  One way to 
cure this is to back off on the rig RF output  such that the amp output is about 
400 watts and then the cw starts again.  
This only happens when I work from the keyboard.  I do not have  problems 
when I work the vibroplex key on either rig.  So that means there  is something 
relative to the computer and rig(s) interface.
I have tested each rig/amp and on same band/freq/antenna.
Rigs are:
TS-950 SDX and TL-922A
TS-870S and TL-922A
Yet I don't have any issues when using TR........I can hear y'all saying  
then use TR.  My software choice is a function of the particular  contest.
Michael  WG0M

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