[WriteLog] WritLog.ini file location and COM port config

Rick Lindquist n1rl at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 21 20:54:27 EDT 2008

Many thanks for the prompt responses to my query. I believe I've got it all
figured out now. You guys are terrific!


Someone asked if I had to swap out cables for each mode or have them set up
with a Y adapter. The latter option may be possible. I'll let y'all know
what I find out. The PROIII's CW keying line is rather sensitive, however,
so I may just go with swapping one connector for another or installing some
kind of a switch. 


Apparently I will also have to swap COM port assignments, unless running the
MMTTY module within WriteLog obviates the necessity.


73, Rick


Rick Lindquist, N1RL

NCJ Managing Editor


n1rl at earthlink.net 


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