[WriteLog] WL Wish List Item - Sprint QSY Safety Alert

Eric Hilding b38 at hilding.com
Sun Feb 3 23:36:30 EST 2008

It's been said the 'Every problem is an opportunity' . so here's another WL
Wish List item resulting from my problem last night.


In spite of my best Sprint score yet from this QTH, I have to DQ myself for
operating with the NCCC NS (Sprint) QSY Rules for CQ'ing instead of shifting
mental gears to the official Sprint 5Khz rules.


So when I plopped into bed last night, I thought about how helpful it would
be to have something like a traffic light display within WriteLog.
Something which would not even require looking at the TXRX dial and having
to do mental on-the-spot math during a Sprint contest (especially with
fractional frequencies involved).  Just tuning the TXRX dial (obviously with
rig control) would change the online screen status alerts in WL.


Very simply, another dialog window or inner-box that would display a
circular light or thick horizontal line IN COLOR for the following:


1.       RED if the current frequency is less than 1Khz or more (Up/Down)
from the frequency of the last logged QSO.

2.       YELLOW if the current frequency is at least 1Khz or more (Up/Down)
from the frequency of the last QSO.

3.       GREEN if the current frequency is at least 5Khz or more (Up/Down)
from the frequency of the last QSO.


It would be nice if WL had separate CQ & S&P functionality to integrate with
the above, but it would still help when someone else inherits the last QSO
frequency and you know you need to QSY.


RED means you haven't moved the dial enough yet to make a new contact of any
type (CQ or S&P).

YELLOW means you've moved enough to call someone else as S&P, but NOT to
initiate a new CQ.

GREEN means you're free to either call CQ or make an S&P call.


Yeah, this would be very helpful, as long as such an enhancement would not
be considered "Assisted" category operating J




Rick, K6VVA



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