[WriteLog] writelog and rtty rd up

Don Hill AA5AU aa5au at bellsouth.net
Tue Jan 1 01:55:48 EST 2008

HNY Ed et al,

There are RTTY message examples (macros) as well as other information on www.rttycontesting.com .  Click on "RTTY Contest Messages"
link at the top.

Browse through the tutorial "WriteLog RTTY Starter" on the Tutorial Page (now also available in PDF format download).

Update your wl_cty.dat and namedmul.ini files.  Easiest way to do this is download the update file at:


Extract all the files to your WriteLog Programs directory replacing the existing files.

Run the "Convert CTY to WriteLog" program.

Download the latest RTTY callsign database file to use with Super Check Partial at:


For instructions on how to download and install the RTTY callsign database, see instructions on the "Setting the DTA file for Super
Check Partial".  There is a link to this tutorial on the same Downloads page.

Hope this helps!

73, Don AA5AU

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what is the setup look like for the macros ( F keys ) for rtty rdup. and i remember didnt you use to beable to click on a call in
rtty rite decoder window using mmtty now i cant get it to transfer the call sign. also what about the report does it have to be
typed in? thanks in advance. 
  i am using xp serv pack2 / microkeyer for rig control and fsk. to the knwd ts 480hx. and the latest writelog version. is there any
thing else i need to update or do before the contest thanks all. steve n8is

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