[WriteLog] Writelog intermittently reads the wrong frequency from radio

wa5zup wa5zup at msn.com
Sat Jan 5 08:22:01 EST 2008

I have an intermittent problem that has been with me for a while.  It did it
with 10.61 and still does it with 10.64.

Every once in a while the entry window frequency and the frequency on the
band map changes to a frequency way out of the ham bands.  It does this
while in receive mode, so it is not RF related.  Evidently writelog reads
the frequency wrong sometimes when it poles the radio.

I am running a Icom proIII, and a SteppIR.  The baud rate is set at 9600.
No other program does this except writelog.

I thought about changing the baud rate.  Should I try faster or slower?

Any ideas?



John wa5zup

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