[WriteLog] Xmit problem on 80 mtrs

Bob Jensen - aa7fk aa7fk at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 6 21:13:44 EST 2008

Evening All,
Hope you enjoyed the just ended RTTY Roundup.
In that contest I came across a "glitch" in my system.  The RU module worked great, as usual, on all bands EXCEPT 80 mtrs.  On 80 mtrs the F keys would transmit the message OK, but would NOT unkey the transmitter at the end of the message.  Nor would any key clicks by mouse on the RTTYRITE screen disconnect the transmitter.  Nor would the ESC key.   The only way I could stop the transmission signal was to unkey the rig itself.
This is the 1st contest in which this problem showed up.
After the contest I checkout other modules with 80 mtrs and all exhibited the same problem.
Set up here is Icom 756PRO3, WL with MMTTY plug-in (which by the way when I just use the stand alone MMTTY program the 80 mtr problem does NOT present itself, only within WL) and the interface is RigBlasster Plus.
Any ideas to chase down?  Anyone experience that problem now or in the past?
Appreciate your help.
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